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are joining forces!

We’re excited to announce that Cloudstudios and arketa have teamed up to provide the best platform for your fitness or wellness business. arketa's feature-rich platform empowers fitness and wellness providers to grow their businesses. At arketa we're committed to helping Cloudstudio's partners transition easily so you can do more of what you love–and let us handle the rest! We're so committed to your success that we're offering:

  • Discounts on all of our pricing options
  • Waived data migration fees ($300 value)
  • Exclusive discount on branded mobile apps ($350 value)
  • Committing to providing the best customer support

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Our newest addition to arketa...

Branded mobile apps! 

We make it easier than ever to build the app of your dreams and also work with you 1x1 for the set-up and marketing of your launch.

Branding freedom.

No coding necessary.

Viewing made easy.

A beautiful way for your clients to stream in their pocket.

Launch Fast

Building a mobile app can take hours of development and thousands of dollars.